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Teak and Suar: The woods with guaranteed durability and durability

The strength and quality of each wood varies depending on the tree it comes from and the processing it has…

The best wooden sunbeds of the 2023 – 2024 season

The summer has come to an end and several entrepreneurs are now starting the ¨journey¨ of looking for ideas for…

10 strange and wonderful umbrellas

Umbrellas are useful items that most of us have. A wise woman (or man, perhaps) once said you should have…

The ten most luxurious umbrellas in the world

Rain Umbrellas Large Women Umbrellas were originally used as sun protection and date from the 11th century in China, Egypt…

Wonderful beach loungers for 2018

Beach chairs 2018 Designers around the world are working feverishly to present the new trends in beach / pool umbrellas…

Taste your outdoor space

A beautiful and relaxing garden or even a terrace, are able to relax the nerves and relieve us of daily…

10 smart umbrellas that will make your rainy days different!

Komorebigasa: Tree shade umbrella Umbrella Sky Umbrella goggles Umbrella with case for glass Nice umbrella Double umbrella Star Wars Umbrella…

Beaches, sun and skin hazards

Summer is approaching and soon adults and children will flock to the beautiful beaches of our country in order to…

Create the perfect backdrop for your garden

  Summer is coming and it’s time to prepare the outside of our home – whether it is a garden…

The story of the umbrella

Over the course of time, the human civilization managed to improve its life conditions through inventions and technological achievements. One…

Umbrella construction materials

Umbrella construction materials Τhe umbrella has evolved greatly since it was first invented. The materials used for its construction have…

The maintenance of outdoor furniture and equipment

A lot of people give special attention to the practicality and the design of their furniture, they keep forgetting though…

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