Beaches, sun and skin hazards

Summer is approaching and soon adults and children will flock to the beautiful beaches of our country in order to cool down and spend a few hours relaxing on a mat or a beach lounger.

The sun can be a source of life and energy for our planet, but there are very serious risks to our health, which of course can be easily addressed, for example by using a beach umbrella. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation has been shown to have very negative effects on human health including, but not limited to, skin burning, weakening of the immune system, eye diseases (eg cataracts), premature skin aging and, unfortunately, growth.

Ways of dealing with

That’s why when you are on the beach and in direct contact with the sun, it is good to use towels, clothes, sunscreen and beach umbrellas to protect yourself and your family. It’s nice to swim on the beach and drink on the beach loungers next to a kiosk, but it is also good to use a beach umbrella, whether it is the fixed wicker umbrellas or for a smaller umbrella that he has bought and carries every time he goes to the beach for a swim.

Of course, unless they are large, stable beach umbrellas, the smaller beach umbrellas offer relatively little protection from the harmful, ultraviolet rays of the sun. Their protection ranges in protection index levels 3 and 106, depending on the material and the size of each umbrella. In order not to get into complicated technical issues, it is good to understand that in general a simple umbrella on a sandy beach by the sea is not very effective, even if it is made of good materials, as due to its small size, the reflection of radiation in sand and other factors protection is not great.

Greater protection – better health

It is therefore much better in terms of protection to use the large wicker beach umbrellas that one can find on organized beaches, next to wooden sunbeds or aluminum sunbeds , by the sea, especially in the morning and noon when the sunshine is at its peak. The natural materials from which wicker umbrellas are woven, such as reeds or mats, work much more effectively in protecting against dangerous UV rays than any other synthetic product. These natural materials, in the way they are braided, allow the free circulation of air inside the wicker umbrella, thus offering unique coolness in their shade and complete protection from the sun!

So the next time you take a walk on a beach walk, looking for the perfect place to sit, in addition to your fun and relaxation, also think about the best way to protect yourself from the sun.

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