Create the perfect backdrop for your garden


διακοσμηση κηπου με απλα υλικα
Διακόσμηση κήπου με απλά υλικά

Summer is coming and it’s time to prepare the outside of our home – whether it is a garden or terrace – with the right furniture to enjoy the warm sun and find shelter away from the stress of everyday life.

But let’s look at some suggestions depending on your preferences and the needs of your space.

Choose wood furniture

Wooden furniture is a timeless value for home exterior decoration spaces. The passage of time in fact gives them even greater beauty, of course with proper care and treatment, especially during the constant change of weather phenomena.

The choice of wooden furniture is an alternative “oasis” in the hazy setting of big cities.

If space allows, start by creating a wooden deck . Find out about our products and prices on wooden deck floors, corridors and construction timber .

Equip your space with aluminum furniture

Aluminum is an ideal material for garden furniture, mainly due to its large size its resistance to weather conditions. Iron furniture rusts, furniture from but not aluminum!

They can be kept for many years and in case they need renewal, we can paint them with a special color in any shade we want.

In addition, aluminum furniture is quite light, which makes them particularly easy to transport and store during the winter.

You can choose a living room set made of aluminum, where you will enjoy the sun with your loved ones.

See more about our products here: https://bit.ly/2v6n1r5


Design the ideal living room with wicker furniture

Wicker or bamboo furniture is a common choice for garden or terrace furniture.

They are easy to move and store and their special style makes them particularly elegant for any outdoor space they decorate.

Choose according to the needs of your outdoor space the right furniture and accessories through a wide range of products of our company.

Find out in detail about the relevant products through our large collection of garden and outdoor furniture from wicker .

See all the armchairs or outdoor director chairs of our collection.

Thank you for your time in our article on garden decoration with simple materials and suitable furniture made of wood, aluminum and wicker type.

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